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Global Accounting Network
Global Accounting Network

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We’ll be in touch within one working day to discuss the job description and understand the uniqness of your organisation.

Client Charter

Our 8-point Charter is designed to ensure all service levels are upheld, that each project is properly structured and to promise clear lines of communication in every phase.

Smart methods to ensure a more certain hire

You can benefit from different delivery methods according to your business needs and objectives. Alongside conventional retained and contingent search and assessment days, our services include working interviews and knowledge partner visits. These enable you to assess candidates’ on-the-job performance before you commit.

You’re great at finance, we’re great at recruitment. Let us take the pain of hiring away by running assessment days for multiple candidates at our central London offices, or at a location convenient for you and your candidates.
You need to be sure that the interims you hire can be effective and deliver on their assignment from day one. We can arrange for you to see potential interim hires in action by arranging one-day working interviews.
If you are facing a particular challenge and want to explore your options, we can arrange for a two-hour three-way brainstorm with one of our consultants and a subject matter expert. After listening to you, understanding and discussing your needs, the outcome could be a solution that requires an interim or new employee.