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Accounting and finance is changing. The days of stereotypical accountants - grey men, in grey suits doing grey things - are long gone. Finance and accounting teams are now staffed and led by a diverse range of professionals who have phenomenal business skills and have taken varied - inspiring - journeys to get to where they are.

About the podcast

In this podcast, we speak to these leaders who have used their finance and accounting backgrounds to forge unconventional and exciting career paths.

We want to inspire the next generation of leaders within the finance world to take control of their career trajectory and to do that we’ll be asking influential leaders to open up about their career journeys once they used their finance and accounting backgrounds as a launchpad.

In a series of open and inspiring conversations, we’ll discover what it takes to use a finance background to get to the top, whether that’s staying in finance or moving into something completely different. We discuss the importance of career milestones, plotting a viable career path, overcoming mistakes, and the influential people who helped and supported today’s finance leaders. This podcast is a platform for sharing the stories behind career progression that starts in one place - a finance qualification - but can take you anywhere.

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Our Host

Adrian O’connor
Adrian O’connor

Adrian is the Founding Partner and Executive Recruiter at the Global Accounting Network (GAN), a specialist recruitment firm which helps connect top tier finance professionals with leading businesses around the world.

After becoming disillusioned with the financial recruitment process, Adrian cofounded GAN with a view to make things better for candidates and clients. His goal? Stop the commodification of finance professionals.

Adrian is passionate about giving power back to the candidate and has spent much of his 20-year career building specialist teams dedicated to helping finance professionals take control of their careers. This podcast has been made to inspire the future leaders of finance by picking the brains of the current crop through a series of insightful interviews.

Financial recruitment isn't working as it should for candidates. But, by talking with some of finance and accounting's most influential leaders, Adrian wants to show it can be fixed.

Our Guests

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We’ll be talking to some of the most inspiring leaders in finance and accounting. Visionary CEOs, innovative CFOs, ambitious senior managers… these guests have seen it all in the industry, and they’ll be sharing their priceless career insights, philosophies and advice with the next generation of professionals. Besides their personal stories, our guests will be diving into details about the companies they lead, and the future of the wider finance industry.