Do be a time waster!

How to Reduce Wasted Time During Your Job Search

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Do be a time waster!

With most things in life, you get better with practice – so how do we do this with job hunting? Here is a guideline to follow for when you start you next job hunt to get the most out of it.

Focus and be confident

Don’t waste your time with interviews that won’t lead you to what you want. While getting a call back is a very exciting compliment, you need to be self-assured enough to resist celebrating unwanted offers. We focus on securing the right fit for our Candidates without sacrificing any of your requirements so that you know each interview you go to will add value. Confidence is a key asset to have when searching for a job and will protect you from wasted efforts.

Get organised

Don’t just look for jobs in spare moments. It’s easy to get side-tracked, and an efficient way to combat this is to schedule times in your day with calendar appointments or phone reminders. If time is a luxury you can’t afford to spend on your job hunt, it’s worth considering outsourcing the search to Recruiters. We understand you can’t push back your deadlines easily without revealing that you’re searching for a job, so we will do the legwork for you.

Managing your expectations

It is sometimes easier to procrastinate after you have started the job search rather than before, as the imminent excuse we tell ourselves of “I can slow the search down now as I wait for replies” kicks in. Keeping clear-minded is half of the battle and wavering commitment is a difficulty many will face. Set mindful deadlines for when to follow up with job applications or phone calls rather than accepting that you’ve done your part and the next step is to wait for responses.

Keep an application answer skeleton

Without advocating a copy-and-paste culture, it would be useful to develop a job application skeleton that will prompt you when filling out application forms. A virtual bank holding sections of your profile that are less likely to be adapted to the role, such as your key achievements, interests and role responsibilities, are handy for speeding up applications. The same goes for cover letters. But make sure you adapt the rest to each job individually – make it relevant!

Get talking

Word-of-mouth is not to be underestimated in the current recruitment age. The hidden market – jobs filled through internal promotions and referrals – is generally favoured over the public market, including job boards. Hirers will always prefer a familiar face or a recommendation over a complete stranger – introduce yourself where you can. We will network on your behalf and offer to connect you with relevant individuals to enhance your progression.The key to getting the most out of your job search is to remain focused and exhaust your network for opportunities, tips and introductions. Recruitment agencies are an effective way of accessing the hidden job market, and we have an extensive network which we make accessible to our candidates. For the best outcome it’s important to treat your job search like a job itself in that you are committed, creative and know when to outsource.

Do be a time waster!
Date: 06 March 2015
Author: Adrian O'Connor
Tags: Interviews