A solid work life balance is a non-negotiable for a successful recruiter

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A solid work life balance is a non-negotiable for a successful recruiter

The recruitment sector is routinely one of the lowest-scoring when it comes to a healthy work-life balance. It’s not hard to see why: The more hours you work, the more placements you can make, and the more you can earn! Simple, right? 


Finding a healthy balance is not only crucial for wellbeing and happiness, it can also have some tangible advantages. 

How a healthy work-life balance boosts business:

  • Lower absenteeism rates

  • Lower risks of burnout 

  • Higher levels of productivity and collaboration 

  • Lower staff turnover rates

Why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance in recruitment? 

The age-old image of a recruiter is of someone hunching over phones trying to reach a candidate in their off-time. Life, relaxation, and relationships all fall to the wayside in the pursuit of better talent on tighter deadlines. 

It’s true that more candidates are available to speak after-hours, making this the most opportune time to be online and working. That can make it tricky to work a standard 9-to-5 schedule. 

How to boost work-life balance as a recruiter

It’s possible to prioritise a healthy schedule and still make time for high performance. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a better work-life balance as a recruiter.

  • Embrace flexible work 

A big advantage of the recruitment sector is the ability to work on a flexible schedule. If you know that you’ll be online later in the day, give yourself the time to run errands and relax in the mornings or over a longer lunch. 

We take flexibility seriously at GAN, and encourage our team to work with their schedules and responsibilities. That relates to hours and whether or not you’re in the office every day. 

  • Take care of your health

This refers to mental and physical wellbeing. You can only perform at your best if you’re taking care of yourself. Make time for breaks and use these to go for walks, meditate, hit the gym, or read a book. The GAN team have access to a monthly wellness allowance, ensuring they’re able to prioritise their health. 

  • Use tech to your advantage

There are loads of tools out there that can make your life as a recruiter easier. We’re proud of the tech stack we’ve deployed and how it helps our team perform better without the added hassle. Research the latest software and see which features can make the biggest difference to your workflow. 

  • Take your leave (and actually unplug)

Be honest: Do you feel like you can actually take your leave days? Many people feel pressured into working all through the year without a break, and some even carry it like a badge of honour. Don’t fall into that trap. Take your leave days and give yourself the space to really switch off. That means fighting the urge to reply to a message, check your calendar, or glance at your emails. 

At GAN, we have a minimum of 25 days’ annual leave, with the opportunity to gain unlimited paid time off based on performance. Better yet, we encourage our team to use these days and get the rest they need. 

  • Stop feeling guilty!

A healthy work-life balance doesn’t equate to laziness or lower productivity rates. On the contrary, it’s better for you and your team in the long run. 

As the industry evolves and an always-on culture continues to be promoted, it will become more and more difficult to strike a healthy work-life balance. It’s essential to protect your wellbeing – and the health of your team – by prioritising a sustainable work culture. What are some of the ways you’re implementing this in your workplace? 

**We’re currently growing the GAN team and are looking for talented people to join us. If you agree with the way we approach work, we’d love to hear from you. 

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A solid work life balance is a non-negotiable for a successful recruiter
Date: 17 October 2022
Author: Adrian O'Connor