How to build a successful career in recruitment

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How to build a successful career in recruitment

You spend your days finding work opportunities for other people, making matches between excellent companies and top candidates. 

Take a moment to really think about this question: Where do you want to go in your own career? 

Recruitment can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for growth opportunities. At the same time, making your mark and standing out can also prove challenging. 

What’s clear is that you’ll be much less frustrated if you work for a company that values and encourages your growth. 

Identify what you want from your career

Progression doesn’t look the same for everyone. Establish whether your goal is to be promoted and get a pay rise, move into a different role or department, start up a whole new team, or get more involved with organisational tasks. 

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start to look around and see whether it’ll be possible in your current job. 

Make the most of the people around you 

Do you have access to the person who’ll be able to make your career goals a reality? Strong leadership is vital. A good manager can offer you the guidance and support needed to achieve sustainable career growth. That can mean more responsibility, exposure to different clients or tasks, or being trained to mentor other team members. 

The GAN team is made up of highly experienced recruiters who understand what goes into the job. We pride ourselves on being accessible to the wider team and sharing our knowledge, ensuring we’re all uplifted in the process. Get to know us a bit better here

The value of a supportive team 

Working in a high-performance environment is key to growing professionally. You can learn a tremendous amount from observing and interacting with colleagues who achieve the things you aspire to. 

No one will be perfect at their job from day one. That’s why it’s so important to work in a team that values growth, making mistakes, and learning from them. 

On our own team, we make a point to encourage innovation and experimentation. By creating this space, we’re able to all learn from one another and deliver the best possible service to our clients. 

Prioritise L&D

Don’t underestimate the importance of formal training programs. If your company offers any form of L&D initiative, take advantage of it. 

Examples of L&D programs:

  • Personal development schemes 

  • One-to-one mentoring 

  • Skills training 

  • Leadership development 

Less formal opportunities for upskilling include ad-hoc courses, attending seminars, and getting involved in networking events. 

How we encourage development in our team

The GAN Academy is our way of training entry level recruits on our team. It’s a tailored 8-week programme that equips you to hit the ground running and become a high-billing recruiter. 

The Academy is a practical learning environment encompassing sales, account management, marketing and business modules. Modules include Candidate Generation and Management, Building Long Term Relationships, and Broad Business and Accountancy Skills. 

In addition to this, our system of reviews, appraisals and informal meetings mean the senior teams at GAN are fully plugged into the learning and development needs for every team member, leading to bespoke training across the teams.

How important is career progression to you right now? 

The GAN team is growing and we’re looking for talented people to grow with us. Learn more about this opportunity and get to know us a bit better by clicking here.

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How to build a successful career in recruitment
Date: 17 October 2022
Author: Adrian O'Connor