The Variants Analysis - Episode 2 with Chris Spooner

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The Variants Analysis - Episode 2 with Chris Spooner

The startup landscape is a risky one; the initial stages of business present a huge scope of unknown elements and future uncertainty. And because mitigation of risk is a factor in all finance roles, the level of responsibility within startups can be even more demanding. 

In our third episode, Adrian is joined by Chris Spooner, Senior VP of Finance at Rubicon. An innovative startup in the environmental waste sector, Rubicon has recently been awarded the 2021 award for Best SaaS Smart City Solutions (US). Chris talks to Adrian about his route into the startup environment and how his first career steps in investment helped him to navigate the journey. 

Chris attributes his success to a combination of risk appetite and confidence in his own decision-making, qualities he works hard to instill in his employees. In our latest podcast installment, he tells us about his unique approach:

“What's important is that you make a decision, you move forward, you learn from that decision, and you iterate upon that. And so what I've always impressed upon my team is the need to prioritize speed. And even at the obvious expense of precision”. 

Adrian uncovers the advice Chris would give to the next generation of aspiring finance professionals and the questions he asks at interview to gauge whether candidates could be the right fit for his team. Chris also emphasises the notion that ‘everything is negotiable’, and the importance of being your own biggest advocate. 

Can your startup keep up? 

It’s imperative to ensure that your startup team is capable of performing in this challenging environment. According to a study by CB Insights, 23% of failed startups attribute their lack of success to having the wrong team in place. 

Listen to Chris’s invaluable insights into his success in the startup environment, click here to access the full podcast episode. 

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If you’d like to find out more about Chris or Rubicon, you can also contact him on LinkedIn.

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The Variants Analysis - Episode 2 with Chris Spooner
Date: 10 September 2021
Author: Adrian O'Connor
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