How to find a job during a recession

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How to find a job during a recession

The recession is reportedly fast approaching - you’re probably hearing about it everywhere. Large companies are conducting hiring freezes and layoffs, and everyone is talking about it on LinkedIn. Many people are hesitant to start the search for their next role.  As we know from the height of the pandemic, very few industries are immune during times like these, so being prepared is essential. 

One thing that can seem daunting during a recession is finding a new job. However, if it’s time for you to take your next career step, or if you’re unhappy in your current role, you should absolutely still be looking for your next opportunity. The good news is that with the right support and preparation, the job market can be highly rewarding, even at the moment.  

Global Accounting Network will be running a series of workshops in October & November, where we’ll provide you with the necessary tools for a successful job hunt during a recession. 

The key topics we will discuss are: how to prepare a high-impact CV, increasing your interview impact, managing the recruiter partnership, and maximising your LinkedIn activity for job seeking. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out more, or get in touch with us today. 

Prepare a high-impact CV

Create your CV to get the job you want, not simply to represent all the jobs you’ve had. Make it an impactful piece of content that you use to market yourself and that focuses on adding value to a potential employer. 

  • Highlight your key achievements in each role as the main focus for that position
  • Include a very short summary explaining the remit of each role
  • Avoid buzzwords and focus on being concise 
  • Ensure that all listed key skills are tangible and realistic

Impress in your interview

Your CV is your first impression and your interview is an opportunity to back that up. You’ve likely heard that you only have seven seconds to shape someone’s first impression of you. How can you get those moments right? The key is being prepared. 

  • Research the people who will be interviewing you, their business, and the details of the department. 
  • If you can, read the financials and show you’ve done that in your interview answers.
  • Practice being an active listener so that you can ask engaging questions and move away from rehearsed responses. 
  • Remain calm and confident with the help of stress-management techniques like positive self-talk and breathing exercises.

Utilise your relationship with your recruiter

There’s a difference between working with a recruiter and making the most of the process. 

A good recruiter will have in-depth knowledge of the role you’re looking to apply for and can be a valuable partner in the preparation for your application and interview.  Similarly, your recruiter may offer you access to a hidden pool of available jobs – many roles aren’t actively advertised on job boards, so tapping into a recruiter’s network can be valuable. 

To build a successful partnership with a recruiter, it’s important to keep open lines of communication and to be honest about your requirements and limitations. They are a valuable source of information, but can only assist you if they know what you need. Be upfront about your salary expectations, notice periods, past experiences, and your plans for the future. 

LinkedIn is your biggest advertising tool 

Your LinkedIn account shouldn’t just be an online version of your CV. You need to use it to create a personal brand that will help you attract the right attention from top employers in the industry. 

Make the most of your LinkedIn profile by curating and nurturing a relevant network and community. Creating and sharing content that speaks to your target audience will do much of that legwork for you. 

Think about the people you’re speaking to on your profile, and share content that adds value to this audience. Start conversations by engaging with your wider network and illustrate your experience by contributing to the discussion. 

Are you in the market for your next recruitment role? Send Adrian a direct message and let’s chat. We do things a little differently and may be just the right fit for you. Find out more here 

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How to find a job during a recession
Date: 09 October 2022
Author: Adrian O'Connor