STOP...Don't leave now...

Ask not what my employer can do for me, but also what can I do for my employer.

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STOP...Don't leave now...

On average, people think about changing jobs for about 6 months before actually doing anything about it. This stat is changing though, as the wealth of choices, the prevalence of pushy recruiters and changing priorities of new generations take hold.

So, when is the right time to change jobs? 

Unlike most of my peers in recruitment, I don’t think NOW is always the right time to change. I am seeing more and more CVs from candidates who have changed roles every 12 months, and it’s becoming a concern.

As a rough and ready rule, review the points below as a guide to whether the time to move is approaching:

1. You look at your manager and think, "I don't want their job" 

2. You aren't challenged or growing your skills 

3. The work you are doing doesn't play into your long-term plan 

4. You don't get excited when you describe your job 

5. You get more engaged by what your clients do than what your company does

6. (And this is a biggie) Have I contributed significantly to my current employer?

7. (Also a biggie) Have I tried to solve the challenges of points 1-5?

A new employer will want to see that you have made significant contributions and that you have taken control of your career by trying to solve problems in your current role. Add to that, the grass is not always greener elsewhere and it is definitely worth looking internally first. 

You have, after all, worked hard to build personal brand equity in your current firm.

All of that notwithstanding, if points 1-5 are hitting home, something needs to change. Set your goals, review your plan and if it can’t be achieved internally, go to market.

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STOP...Don't leave now...
Date: 17 October 2019
Author: Adrian O'Connor
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