The Variants Analysis – Episode 3 with Edward Jamieson

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The Variants Analysis – Episode 3 with Edward Jamieson

The financial industry is a complicated business. This is why superior leadership is vital in the sector. It’s highly important that directors and c-suite executives are there to guide the ship when times are tough. 

The worldwide pandemic that began in March 2020 has affected the finance industry in various ways. Due to this, it has become clear during this time that leadership in the industry is more crucial than ever. 

The evolving landscape of the financial sector requires teams of experts who are able to adapt, learn, implement changes, and ensure all projects are seen through to a successful conclusion. Building capable teams can be a difficult task, especially during uncertain times. 

That is why Global Accounting Network was founded nearly ten years ago. We started with the mission of placing highly qualified individuals in key positions in the finance industry. Through our years of working with various businesses in the sector, we were able to build up a vast network of industry professionals with interesting stories to tell and advice to give.  

This led us to launch The Variants Analysis podcast, which was created to have important discussions with high-level leaders in finance. We ask our guests vital questions about their careers, their business, and their leadership advice. 

In episode 3 The Variants Analysis, our host Adrian O’Connor, founding partner of Global Accounting Network, speaks to Edward Jamieson, Finance Director UK at Just Eat. 

During their discussion, they cover a number of interesting topics, like Edward’s career journey, the importance of diversity and inclusion in the financial sector, and what it is like being a leader while working from home.   

Edward has had a fascinating career spanning multiple countries and big name businesses, including Deloitte, Diageo, and Amazon. He gives us in-depth insight into what it’s like working around the world with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Edward currently works as Finance Director for the UK at Just Eat, which is a food delivery marketplace that matches consumers with local restaurants. Just Eat operates in 24 countries and, outside of China, is the top food delivery marketplace in the world. 

When asked what advice he would give to someone when starting out their career, he advises not to be afraid of taking risks. His suggestion is to figure out what interests you and go for it, don’t let the risk stop you from going after the work you enjoy. He also states that you should consider the merits of small, rapidly scaling businesses and not only focus on working for big companies. 

Edward has a wealth of experience in the financial sector and offers some great insight into leadership in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about his journey, listen to the fourth episode of The Variants Analysis. 

You can listen to the full episode right here.

If you’d like to contact either Adrian or Edward, you can easily connect with them on LinkedIn. 

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The Variants Analysis – Episode 3 with Edward Jamieson
Date: 28 September 2021
Author: Adrian O'Connor
Tags: accounting finance talentacquisition corporateskills careeradvice learnfromtheexperts